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The temptation to perform all your own marketing efforts is an intrinsic value many entrepreneurs have. However, the costs associated with implementing a modern marketing strategy can make the DIY option unatainable.
Let’s take a look at both options.

Hiring A Marketing Agency vs Hiring Internal Staff

marketing agency

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Modern Marketing Strategy

A modern marketing strategy must include an array of marketing channels to be effective. You’ll need expert personnel who understand how to use each channel and how it specifically applies to your business goals.

Cost Comparison

You’ll need to click on the infographic to see all the associated costs. Essentially, the budget needed to hire the right staff, purchase all the right marketing tools and implement a startegy designed to meet your business goals, become to cost prohibitive when trying to assemeble an internal team.

What Would You Do?

Handing the keys over to a complete strangerto have them reach your growth goals, does not come easy for most people. You need to build trust and look for agencies that have success stories that demonstarte a level of expetise and success.

If you have not thought about hiring a marketing agency to handle your growth goals, perhaps now is a good time to see what the possibilites hold for you.

Success Stories

Real life examples of how InTouch has helped some terrific companies grow even bigger.

Environmental Company Leads Increase By 425%

A different marketing approach was needed to overcome our stagnant sales, establish an online lead generation program and get the company found online.

Dawn DeVroom
Dawn DeVroom, CFO
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Average Order Size Increased 342%

A bad web design and poor PPC management left us in a position where leads were fading away and no one could find us online anymore.

Albert Cappello, President
View Success Story

TSDF Facility Achieved 60% Growth Rate

We needed to create a strong online corporate identity that would establish the basis for continued growth into the future. InTouch delivered!

Larry Burton, Dir. of Business Development
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