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How to Use Facebook Insights to Optimize Social Media Posts

How to Use Facebook Insights to Optimize Social Media Posts

In today’s digital age, Facebook has become one of the biggest social media networks that businesses use to market their products and services.

Think it’s only for posting pictures of grandma and the grandkids?

THINK AGAIN……..Just look at these statistics:

According to expanded ramblings there are 65 million business pages on Facebook currently.  And according to hootsuite.com, Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users and 1.13 billion daily active users on average.  

That’s a lot of potential eyeballs for your business.

Even with all of these business pages on Facebook, many business users are not sure how to utilize all of the tools that Facebook has to offer to optimize social media posts.

This is a BIG social media mistake that many small business owners make!

Facebook Insights is one of the key tools you should be taking advantage of if you have your own business page. Insight users gain access to personal metrics to page performance which can help improve their social media strategy.


Let’s take a look at these of the metrics available to you on Insights that I think are the most useful to fine tune your social media strategy.

Below is an example of the Facebook Page Overview on Insights.




As you can see by the image, the page is laid out with several menu options along the side.  We are going to look at five that are very important in my opinion.



The People Tab shows you the demographics of people that are viewing your page and posts.

It shows you their age, their gender, and even their country and the languages that they speak.

Finding out this information helps you determine if you are reaching your ideal buyer personas.

This information is important because you don’t want to waste time on the wrong people.

If you find that you are not reaching your ideal buyer persona, it may be time for a overhaul of your strategy.


Page Views

With the Page View Tab, you are able to see information about your page views and viewer demographics. Over time, it will also show you which areas of your facebook page are getting the most views, where people are spending time on your page, and who is looking at your page.

There is a little section in page views that shows you if people are viewing your page or posts via mobile device or computer. If you are starting to notice that more people are viewing your page via mobile device, then you know  posting mobile friendly content is the way to go.

Getting more page views and engagement actions, like comments and shares on your posts is such an important aspect of using social media.

Why is this important?

Because the more page views and engagement actions you get on your page and posts, the more people you will reach organically.

And, you never know who is connected to who. One of your friends could be connected to your ideal customer.

By utilizing this tab you will be able to determine which areas of your Facebook are succeeding and which parts need some work.


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The Posts Tab is one of my favorite metrics. By viewing your Posts Tab, you are able to see the times of day people are viewing your posts and what posts people are taking action on.

To me, this is extremely useful because it helps you decide what time of day is best to post content on your page.

In order to be the most effective in your social media, it is best to post your key material during these highly active time slots.



The Reach Tab is similar to the Posts Tab, but goes more in depth with your posts and page.

It shows you how many people are seeing your posts in their news feed, whether they are seeing it through organic reach or paid reach, the time frames they are being reached at, and the reactions that people are having to your posts.

Your ultimate goal when posting on social media should be to reach as many people’s timelines as possible organically……….... this means without paying.

Be sure to keep your posts relevant and engaging. By doing so, you will create content that will be more viral--allowing you to reach more people.

Research even further by comparing the amount of reaches you receive per post. This will help optimize your post and social media strategy.

Reach is very important, therefore, be aware of ways to make your post successful. Make sure you are creating content that includes actionable language like download, share and “Like.”

This can include links that direct back to your business website for lead generation or posts that engage the audience by posing a question. Each of these allows the audience to create an active environment for your post, increasing its reach.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to enjoy all your posts. Luckily, Insights allows you to see the amount of people who are hiding your posts, reporting your post as spam, or blocking your page. Use these metrics to improve your posts and better understand what your target audience wants to see.



Optimize-Social-MediaThe Likes tab shows you the “Likes” that you are getting on your page, as well as the “Likes” that you are receiving on your posts over a specific time frame. By reviewing this data, you will be able to see all of your Facebook posts, as well as, which posts were "winners" and "losers."

For example, maybe one day you posted an intriguing picture with a question attached to it for your followers to respond to. Then, the next day, you posted an informational video.

In this Likes Tab, you will be able to see the success of each of these posts, and then from there decide the social media strategy that you want to pursue.

If you see that the video you posted has gained more action with your followers, you may want to focus on posting more videos on your page. It’s important to try out different kinds of posts to see what attracts your audience.


Click here for a how to guide to help you understand how to use and understand all the metrics you will come across in Facebook Insights.  


As you can see, Facebook Insights has a lot of great tools that can help you with your business page and your social media posting. By utilizing these tools to your advantage, you will be able to analyze your page and decide your best strategy for your social media posts from here on out.


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