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Samantha Walls
Samantha Walls on June 23, 2016

Expert Tips to Rock Engagement on Twitter

Four social media experts give their best tips on how to rock engagement on Twitter.

I recently completed a 30-day Twitter project in which I tested the effect of 30 minutes of live Twitter engagement combined with Twitter post automation. I was astounded at the engagement results of a small allocation of daily time, and I documented them in a recent blog post entitled “Is Twitter Still a Relevant Social Media Network?” One of the truly special benefits of my project was the people that I met and got to know by engaging in conversations on Twitter and reading and sharing their content. Several social media rock stars took the time to engage with me over the course of the month and I was impressed by their passion and commitment. I love who they are and what they do, and I asked each of them to provide a tip to help you get the most out of your time on Twitter. Here are four people rocking engagement on Twitter and their best tips to help you get the most out of your time on the social network. These are four people that should definitely be on your list of must follows.  

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Mike Koshko - Director of Social Media Strategy at Sigma 7 Group

Follow Mike at @MikeKoshko


Mike loves the power of video replies and has a unique method of connecting with his followers. “Be a practitioner. When we talk about engagement, what we all really mean is to be involved. That means putting in the time, effort and making it personal to every single follower.” “All of the strategies and tactics you learn you have to put into practice, not just listen.” “Take for example video replies. I make sure I send a video reply to every single new follower. It takes 30 seconds to do. It makes people know that I care and appreciate them. That way when you ask them a favor, you can expect them to follow through for you. Following Mike’s lead, here's how to increase your social media engagement more than 1,000%.

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Carol Stephen – Blogger and Speaker at Your Social Media Works

Follow Carol at @Carol_Stephen


Carol believes we need to go beyond "thank you." To get more engagement, keep the conversation going longer. For instance, when someone retweets you, don't just say thank you. You still have at least 100 characters left, so say something else to continue the conversation. "I appreciate that very much." "Don't you love it when that happens?" "I'm following you back now." etc. Another way to get more engagement on Twitter is to tweet without links. There's a formula that many people use when they tweet and it goes like this: headline + link + image/video. But tweeting without a link gives others more chance to jump into a conversation with you and to engage more. Here’s a great post from Carol about how and why to tweet without links. Give it a read.

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Bridget Willard – Marketing Manager for WordImpress

Follow Bridget at @YouTooCanBeGuru


Bridget loves Twitter Lists. “Lists are the most under-utilized tool available to Twitter users.” Organization is important in almost every area of our lives whether we’re categorizing seeds, filing receipts for tax time, or following people on Twitter.” “Often those new to Twitter complain that there is so much to read.  They unfollow “prolific” (often used as a derogatory term) tweeters because they “clog up” their Twitter stream.” Organization is the Key to Being Effective Listing is the only way I think I could be truly effective at building relationships on Twitter. Prioritizing who you engage with is not bad, it’s just common sense. The truth is, there are a lot of non-sense tweets, check-ins, and such, but those are also the tweets that show an individual’s humanity and personality. Discovering shared interests is the start of any friendship. Here is Bridget’s great post on the power of the Twitter List.

engagement on twitter

Madalyn Sklar – Twitter Marketing Strategist, Host of #TwitterSmarter Chat

Follow Madalyn at @MadalynSklar


Madalyn is truly a Twitter rock star and has grown an impressive social media following in part due to her love of participating and hosting Twitter Chats. She recently hosted a well-attended breakout at Social Media Marketing World 2016. "As a Twitter Marketing Strategist, I spend time every day sharing and engaging with my community on Twitter. It’s my top social site for connecting with people - entrepreneurs, small business owners, big brands, and everything in between. I have discovered a variety of tactics that work. I call it my Twitter “Secret Sauce.”


Here is Madalyn's secret sauce for building a Twitter following.

  • Tweet everyday at least 5x per day
    • Schedule using Buffer or Hootsuite
  • Participate in Twitter Chats
  • Go through notifications and respond to everything
  • Use Advanced Twitter Search
  • Use Twitter Lists
  • Engage. Engage

The most important thing you can do on Twitter is engaging. Think of it as one big, happy community that connects you with millions of people. I like to view Twitter as a giant cocktail party. It’s so easy to interact with people. Your Twitter followers will be the most receptive since you’ve already connected with them, so start there. You can easily seek out new friends just by listening to them and their conversations.

Don’t be afraid to jump into Twitter chats and join in the discussion. Hit reply and chat. Like a tweet (tap the heart icon) or even retweet it (tap the RT button). It shows you care. It makes you likable. Before long you will forge new, meaningful relationships with people, businesses, and even big brands. These tactics will elevate your personal brand and help your business flourish.

Madalyn’s popular Twitter chat #TwitterSmarter Chat is on Thursdays at 1:00 pm eastern.

All of these experts have built impressively engaged followings. Following their lead, it’s time that we get back to being social on social media and take the time to engage in real conversation. I highly suggest that you put their tips into practice and give each of them a follow on Twitter. What are your best tips for engaging on Twitter?


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Samantha Walls

Samantha, an Inbound and HubSpot Certified Marketer is the Social Media Director for InTouch Marketing.