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About -Temarry Recycling

Temarry Recycling is a premier TSDF facility serving the western United States. Temarry  is the only True Closed Loop Recycling facility that serves waste generators allowing them to achieve true sustainability in their corporate programs. Nothing is wasted from the time waste enters their facility to the point it leaves their facility. Everything is recycled and reused to achieve a true recycling process.

The Problem

Temarry Recycling, Inc., a TSDF facility located in Tecate Mexico,  needed to increase its market share into the western parts of the United States, but had some perception issues relating to its operations in Mexico. Larry Burton, Director of Business Development, along with their owners, Matt and Teresa Songer, knew they needed to address an important common objection with potential U.S. customers...that the services they provide were not only legal, but also more cost effective and sustainable.

Larry knew they needed their website to be an essential marketing tool to address these common objections. Specifically, transporting hazardous waste to Mexico was a lower cost alternative with improved sustainability and improved logistics and service..

Their website would need to become a dynamic destination for new and current clients to provide information and solutions to their specific needs. It needed to address the common objections U.S customers had, and it should also serve as a platform to gain recognition in the industry. Their website traffic was virtually non-existent.

Temarry needed to increase its online exposure, establish them as a thought leader in the industry and increase revenue. Their initial 12-month goal was to increase revenue by 30%.

What InTouch Did

Assessing Temarry’s specific goals and establishing a marketing plan to help them reach those goals was essential in creating the roadmap that everyone could follow and implement.  

It was very clear from the start that a major website redesign was necessary. We knew in order to reach their traffic goals, organic traffic would need to make up the majority of the traffic needed.

After InTouch fully redesigned and optimized their website for SEO their organic website traffic began to rise. It now accounts for 65% of their traffic.

Blog Creation

Getting the right message out and ensuring the blog articles would be found required us to optimize each article for keywords in order for search engine crawling.

Since they had no existing articles to repurpose an entirely new blog strategy had to be created and developed to target the right customers. By optimizing each article for SEO and publishing on a regular schedule Temarry’s blog subscriptions increased 4300%.

Each article was also optimized for conversions by placing forms and calls-to-action buttons on them. This lead to a 766.66% increase in inbound leads allowing Temarry to send more targeted content to a larger database.

Content Creation

Now that optimized content has been created and published, social media and email strategies were implemented to further increase traffic. Since prospects who actively engage with your website are more likely to become customers, we worked together to implement these strategies which now make up 19.1% of all traffic. (They had 0% traffic prior to inbound)

The content is well received by their prospects and current clients because it focuses on the challenges they face. It also serves to educate and inform on a variety of topics related to the hazardous waste disposal industry and has helped place Temarry as an industry leader in the recycling industry.

Larry Burton
"Temarry has experienced an average 60% year after year growth over the past 3 years since implementing our web based marketing plan. The foundation is set for continued high level growth for years to come due to market exposure provided by InTouch."
Larry Burton, CEO - Temarry Recycling

The Outcome

The results Temarry has seen from inbound marketing, and the efforts of Larry Burton, have been remarkable. The redesigning of their website and the targeted content that was created has increased their website traffic by 1405%.

Revenue in the first 12 months increase by over 1.2 million dollars, far surpassing their initial revenue goal.

One of their major goals was to rank in search engine results for keywords like, Legally Transport Hazardous Waste to Mexico, and variations of it. In addition to this specific keyword, they now have 18 important keywords ranking on the first page of search engine results pages.

They now have the ability for potential clients to view their corporate brand, get answers to their specific problems and establish a level of trust that they can perform and deliver on the services their clients need.


Temarry Recycling sees tremendous growth as the next 12 months brings an additional increase in revenue of 47%. With the continued implementation and analysis of their inbound marketing plan, the growth of Temarry continues to look bright.

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