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Bill Walls
Bill Walls on January 23, 2017

LastPass Not Showing in Chrome Browser

Is Lastpass not showing in your chrome browser? Lastpass had a recent upgrade that changed how their drop down dialog box appeared. If your Chrome browser


LastPass Chrome Browser Fix

In a recent update, LastPass users who use the Chrome Browser have encountered a nasty little bug that is locking them out from seeing all their logins for any of their portals. After speaking with support today, they have indicated they should have the problem fixed shortly. 

However, in the meantime, there is an easy fix to the problem. It is related to the Chrome browser font settings. Watch the video to see how to fix the problem.




  1. Access the Settings of your Chrome Browser.
  2. Scroll down to click the Show Advanced Settings link
  3. Scroll to find the Web Content section
  4. Change the Font setting to Medium if it is set to a larger size

Those settings should allow your login information to appear in the drop-down menu again.


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