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Manufacturer's Average Order Size Increased by 342%





About - Workstation Industries

Workstation Industries has been a progressive manufacturer in the Lab and technical furniture industries since 1995. Our basic philosophy is simple:  "Define our customer’s wants and needs and then produce quality workstations at a reasonable cost and lead time." Our hands on customer service assures that our customers are totally satisfied with the product design, quality and workmanship, from start to finish.

"InTouch has not only helped us generate consistent quality leads but has helped identify weaknesses in our sales process that are providing us the intel to make us more profitable."
Albert Cappello
CEO Workstation Industries

The Problem

Owners, Albert and Christine Cappello, were frustrated that their company sales revenue had stagnated over the last three years. They had been working with an outside company to work on their website and manage their pay-per-click campaigns.

Unfortunately, business wasn’t going in the direction they wanted it to go. In fact, it was just the opposite.  The phones had stopped ringing and new business had slowed down dramatically.

They noticed that their website was no longer showing up on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and their PPC campaigns were not delivering the results they needed.

Even though qualified leads were few and far between, they believed they were able to close those leads at an 80% conversions rate. However, they had no data to substantiate or quantify that assumption.

 They were looking to increase their revenue by at least $200,000 in the first year.


What InTouch Did

After reviewing their goals, we quickly realized that a number of changes needed to be made to reach their business goals.

1. Redesign their website to increase lead generation opportunities, fix SEO problems and increase the number of ranked keywords in SERP’s.

2. Implement an inbound marketing strategy to increase organic traffic that would attract, convert and close leads.

3. Implement a Sales CRM process to unify their sales and marketing efforts and analyze the results.


We knew redesigning their website and specifically targeting their messages towards their target consumers was essential. By designing their web pages with content that resonated with their ideal customers and incorporating forms to gather specific information, we were able to increase their sales-qualified leads by 342%.

By implementing blog articles into their website and providing comprehensive social media strategies to distribute their message, we were able to increase organic traffic by 4225%.

Organic traffic now accounts for 58% of their overall website traffic.

By implementing a Hubspot sales CRM program, we now had a sophisticated solution to track and analyze where all leads were coming from and how effective they were at closing qualified leads. What they found was that they were actually closing leads at a 20.34% rather than the perceived 80% rate.

This new data gave their sales and marketing efforts a new perspective with which to operate. In fact, we found that their average order size had increased 342% due to the tracking and analysis we implemented.

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The Outcome

Over a 10-month period, WSI dramatically increased their sales qualified leads by 342%.

Their goal of increasing their revenue by an additional $16,666 per month was realized with the opportunity to increase it even further.

The overall net result was over $1.5 million in potential new business. The  Workstation Industries Success Story continues to be a positive one.



In just the last 3 year, Workstation Industries has continued to see a steady stream of revenue, year after year. Here are their averages over the last 3 years.


Avg. Deals Created Per Year


Avg. Source Of Revenue Generated From Organic Traffic


Avg. Potential Revenue Generated Online


Avg. Return on Investment