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Environmental Company Saw Lead Generation Increase By 425%





About - IDR Environmental Services

IDR Environmental Services is a premier hazardous waste transportation company that specializes in the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. They are also one of the leading Certified Product Disposal companies in the United States. They have been in business for over 40 years with an impeccable reputation.

"When IDR first approached InTouch Marketing, our sales plan was based on referrals and cold calling for new leads. We were desperate to find a better way to resource new business. InTouch Marketing not only provided us with a viable lead source program; but they have increased our brand recognition and assisted us in providing a large educational resource for our current and potential clients. IDR now only utilizes this partnership for all of our lead resourcing, and the phone does not stop ringing."
Dawn DeVroom
CEO Idr Environmental Services

The Problem

IDR Environmental, Inc., a hazardous waste transportation company located in Irwindale, California, was stuck. Their revenue had plateaued for several years and they didn’t know how to get to the next level.

They were searching for a different way to market, not only to increase their gross income by $50,000 per month, but also to improve the quality of their customer base.

IDR had several issues. Their website was outdated and did not adequately represent the full breadth of their services, nor was it set up to capture contact information from prospective customers.

IDR had been aggressively investing in pay-per-click marketing, trying to drive traffic to their website.  Despite the investment, the company was not generating enough web traffic nor enough quality leads to justify the expense.  

The majority of the leads that they were getting were phone calls from residential customers, not the corporate hazardous waste generators they were looking to do business with. Clearly, there was a disconnect between their website, their pay-per-click efforts and their bottom-line results.

In order to get to the next level, CEO Dawn DeVroom and the decision-makers at IDR, decided they needed to look for another way to generate leads for their business.


What InTouch Did

After assessing the situation, it was evident that a complete website redesign was necessary.

We developed an SEO and mobile-optimized website that clearly explained IDR’s service offerings and provided online forms that would allow customers to request free quotes from the sales team.

The online quote requests allowed the sales team to screen prospective customers and led to the reduction of time-wasting phone calls from residential customers, which increased sales team productivity.

In order to achieve their revenue goals, we worked with IDR to pinpoint the amount of traffic necessary to convert enough visitors into leads for the sales team.

As a result of the redesign, web traffic grew by 250% within the first 7 months after the new site launch.

Blogging and Content Creation

We developed the IDR company blog to increase targeted web traffic to the website. Informational and keyword optimized blog articles were created to educate corporate decision makers about hazardous waste regulations and money saving best practices.

As a result, IDR was able to increase qualified sales leads for their service.

Consistent article creation has now established them as a voice and thought leader in their industry and allowed them to be “discovered” organically. They are now found on the first page of Google search for 135 hazardous waste-related keywords.

Content offers were also critical to IDR’s game plan. InTouch created two hazardous waste eBooks and a downloadable pictogram for prospective clients who were interested in learning about hazardous waste management but were not ready to speak with a salesperson. Those leads were then nurtured through workflows that drew them down the sales funnel until they were ready to receive a quote.

Consistent blogging, content offerings and lead nurturing allowed IDR to increase targeted leads by 425% within the first 7 months of engagement.

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The Outcome

The results IDR has seen from inbound marketing have been significant. During the first 7 months of working with InTouch Marketing, IDR recognized a 250% increase in web traffic, and 425% growth in qualified leads. Phone calls from residential customers were drastically reduced.

Organic search now accounts for 70% of IDR’s traffic.  This has allowed them to eliminate pay-per-click, and redirect those funds into more profitable marketing expenditures.

IDR Traffic Results Jan-2015-Sept-2017.png

Green = Organci Traffic  |  Blue = Direct Traffic  |  Red = Pay-Per-Click  |  Gold = Referral Traffic

Consistent blogging has established them as a voice and thought leader in their industry. Their sales team is regularly complimented on the depth and breadth of their articles.

Most importantly, IDR achieved its increase in revenue goal of $50,000 per month within the first 7 months of our engagement, an increase of over 374%. The IDR Environmental Services Success Story continues to be very positive.

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As of August 2023, IDR Environmental has continued to see explosive growth and increased revenue. 


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